Saturday 6 December 2014

iQuickHealth  steps ahead from other appointment platform, not only confirms your appointment, but makes sure you don't wait long at the clinic . iQuickHealth provides a Google like interface to search doctors and check doctor presence in his clinic.  When you search, you know the presence of the doctor at the clinic.

As the health care need is always urgent, most of the time we need to see the doctor without an appointment. iQuickHealth provides a token no for such unplanned event and provides an innovative way to check real time the approximate  waiting time by giving a missed call or checking it in the

Even you misplaced your prescription no issue, All your previous records  are available with you. Once you visit a iQuickHealth doctor, all your prescriptions are available  any time,any where for you. You can talk to you doctor any time any where using IQuickHealth's innovative calling card product, which not just connect your call, but connects doctor with all your previous data, so that the doctor does proper diagnosis while advising you over phone call.

More, When you visit iQuickHealth doctor, you experience a smart ambience, the television in the waiting area updates  about your turn to visit the doctor and the same time entertains you and a Kisok to help you chekin to the clinic.

If there is some good deals going near by the clinic, You get those deals on the television and in your App to explore after visiting the doctor. Once your consultation is over, no need to stand on the queue at the medical store or roam getting the medicine. Your Medicines are ready by the iQuickHealth medical stores, pay and pickup or get it delivered at your doorstep.

if your doctor is not part of  iQuickHealth, insist iQuikHealth to your doctor and experience the difference.

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